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SMILE Payee Services is an Ohio based non-profit organization working in partnership with the Social Security Administration and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, among other organizations, as a Representative Payee under the agencies' Representative Payee and Fiduciary Programs.  


SMILE Payee Services provides Representative Payee, Bill Payment, and Money Management Services for people receiving government or retirement benefits, work wages, or those who may have a need for an Alternative Payee.  SMILE is currently operating in the states of Ohio and Maryland.


In addition to SMILE's role in benefits management, the organization is also focused on community engagement and looks to connect and coordinate existing resources, or develop new options, to address issues and uplift the community.  


Cuyahoga County, Ohio

SMILE Payee Services

PO Box 93139

Cleveland, OH 44101-5139


Dedicated Fax 216-539-2938

Prince George’s County, Maryland

SMILE Payee Services, Inc.

PO Box 737

Bowie, MD 20718-0737


Dedicated FAX 844-746-5233

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