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         SMILE Payee Services (SMILE), founded in 1998, provides Representative Payee, Bill Payment, and Money Management Services to clients in Ohio and Maryland.

         SMILE services the needs of individuals receiving government or retirement benefits, and work wages or anyone needing an Alternative Payee.

Let Us Help YOUR Money Last 30 Days!!

SMILE pays my bills and gives me Wednesday Weekly Allotments for my Personal Needs . . .


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Cuyahoga County, Ohio

                  SMILE Payee Services

                  PO Box 93139

                  Cleveland, OH 44101-5139


Dedicated Fax 216-539-2938

Prince George’s County, Maryland

        SMILE Payee Services, Inc.

        PO Box 737

        Lowie, MD 20718-0737


    Dedicated FAX 844-746-5233

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