Payee Services

“we help your money last 30 days”

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Dedicated FAX (844) 746-5233

PO Box 737   Bowie, MD 20718-0737


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PO Box 93139   Cleveland, OH 44101-5139

Work with case manager and client creating Zero-Based Monthly Budget allowing clients to get all their money each month, and no need for special requests

Timely report filing and addressing Social Security requirements

Monthly ledger made available detailing client account transactions

Wednesday Weekly Allotments paid thru reloadable debit card

Bills paid weekly within five working days of being received from Vendor

Guidance to help resolve past due rent, bills, or other financial challenges

TEAMTechnology – Everyone on the same page – Accessibility – Mental Health community.  Organizational Payees are an integral partner of the Social Security TEAM serving the vulnerable population with integrity.